Travel to Tbilisi with Yasha

Yasha Wallin Berlin, Germany

Editor, enthusiast, frequent flier

“I need a six month holiday, twice a year.”

Where did you eat your best meal and what was it?

Everything from the walnut chicken to the insane cheese bread at Keto and Kote was, as they say in Georgian, AHMAAZING

Charming & cozy at Keto and Kote

Where did you stay…and want to stay forever?

Rooms Hotel Tbilisi, the city’s first design hotel, has a very Wes Anderson/Soho House vibe. Set in an old publishing house, there are books and mahogany everywhere, so staying here feels very librarian chic. Not to mention, it’s where all of the city’s creatives convene for dinner and late night cocktails.

Cute hotel porters at Rooms Hotel

What’s the one thing you’re glad you packed and why?

Waterproof boots for any kind of weather. In one day we saw sun, rain, then into the mountains, plenty of snow.

View from Narikala, the ancient fortress overlooking Tbilisi

What souvenir(s) did you buy and why?

The souvenir that didn’t last very long—a bottle of Georgian wine! This stuff is like pure gold, but way cheaper.

Georgian wine courtesy of Rooms Hotel

What do you wish you’d done, but didn’t get to?

We didn’t go to the famous nightclub Bassiani, Georgia’s answer to Berghain. It’s only open on certain nights so we had to settle for room service and blasting techno via Spotify instead.

Georgian interpretation of my name