Get Groovy with David in Joshua Tree

David Harks Berlin, Germany

“My music will tell you more about me than I ever will.” – Prince


Where did you eat your best meal and what was it?

Joshua Tree has practically nothing in the way of food unless you take a look under the hood, so to speak, organic and vegan isn’t really an option, but sayin’ that, we found a super great place called Natural Sisters Cafe. It’s the only joint for about 30 miles that serves up seriously dope snacks, road food and lunch servings. Super fresh, organic, reasonable and it’s about 15 minutes before you enter the National Park. There are a couple of nice thrift shops on the same side of the road too.

Delicious sandwich at Natural Sisters Cafe

Where did you stay…and want to stay forever?

We stayed in the desert in an Airbnb just off the highway literally in the middle of nowhere, 15 miles outside of the town Joshua Tree, pure pitch black star-lit skies at night, a US military base bombing range to our left, surrounded by rusted out trucks and cactus plants with a range of mountains just off in the distance, totally mind blowing and surreal. The atmosphere for me as a writer was unique and gave me time to write in isolation – total silence even at night. Though when you could hear the coyotes howl you got a sense of otherworldly wilderness, strangely spiritual and harmonious. It left a lasting imprint on my imagination, that dry heat in my bones. I really recommend a few days in Joshua tree, wandering the desert picking up some old wood for the log burner at night, it gets a bit chilly after dusk.

Our Aibnb

What’s the one thing you’re glad you packed and why?

A proper camera to take some photos of the desert and a decent jacket for night time.

Full moon

What souvenir(s) did you buy and why?

I picked up a super cool trippy baseball cap for my dad, he’s always complaining he doesn’t have a good one. There’s plenty of nice gift shops in Joshua Tree, and a huge community of artists growing there. Yoga centers and far out folks that are seeking vibrations from out of this world…my kinda joint.

National Park beauty

What do you wish you’d done, but didn’t get to?

Chill at Giant Rock in the Mojave desert, which was the home to some interesting folks over the years, some that even lived under it…

The place to be that we did in fact visit is the Integratron, an incredible wooden dome structure that we took a crystal sound bath in. It was constructed by George Van Tassel who received instruction on its design by aliens…need I say more? So much harmony on that site, really gentle vibes.

Sound bath