Get Down with Solynka in Mykonos

Solynka Dumas Berlin, Germany

French-Swiss Journalist based in Berlin. Food makes me happy


Where did you eat your best meal and what was it?

It’s a tie between the timeless La Maison de Katrin, an institution in the village that serves the best tarama and moussaka on the island; and the newly opened Ftelia Beach Club, which serves inventive Greek food in a beautiful settingwithout bad techno blasting in your ears. I also have to mention Fokos Taverna because of its location and its fig pie, which was the best dessert I’ve had all year.

Best dessert I've had all year -- fig pie at Fokos Taverna

Where did you stay…and want to stay forever?

I stayed in three different hotels during my stay, but Mykonos Grand was by far my favorite. It’s a very classical hotelnot a “cool people’s” hotel—but the rooms are big and airy; there is a huge pool and a private beach. It’s also calm and big enough so that it never feels crowded. What’s more, the breakfast is very good. Plus, it’s affordable. 

At Mykonos Grand Hotel enjoying the late afternoon sunshine

What’s the one thing you’re glad you packed and why?

Besides a onepiece bathing suit to hide all the tarama I’ve eaten? I’d say really good face and body moisturizers. With the salt, the sand, the sun and the wind, good skin protection is essential.

Drive to Spilia

What souvenir(s) did you buy and why?

Pants from Ergon Mykonos, a wonderful Greek designer who makes custom espadrilles as well as super unique and beautiful clothes.

Delicious food at Ftelia Beach House Restaurant

What do you wish you’d done, but didn’t get to?

Mykonos can get quite windy in August, making some beaches unpractical to visit, so we didn’t get to explore the more isolated beaches, which I tend to favor, on the East of the island.  

View from Nudist beach (behind Lia Beach)