Check out San Miguel de Allende with Meredith

Meredith Markworth-Pollack Atlanta, Georgia

Costume Designer

Where did you eat your best meal and what was it?

There’s a little holeinthewall bar called El Manantial that has delicious margaritas and small plates. It’s a nice climb up a cobblestone street so I always feel like I’ve worked my way for a margarita! It’s also a great place to appreciate the local vibes.  

My husband and I freshly married and dancing in the streets in 2011

Where did you stay…and want to stay forever?

We always stay in an Airbnb. I have a friend who lives in town and owns several properties she rents out. But there are so many beautiful hotels if that’s more your style. I love the new L’Otel at Doce 18 Concept House. It’s a stunning property with shops and restaurants on the ground floor. For our wedding we rented out the beautiful Casa Schuck

Our ceremony at Casa Schuck led by three Shaman women

What’s the one thing you’re glad you packed and why?

Flat shoes! San Miguel is a colonial town built along the side of a mountain. The cobblestone streets can be challenging to navigate so leave your heels at homeseriously! 

My daughter Paz posing in front of one of San Miguel’s notorious pink walls

What souvenir(s) did you buy and why?

I always go to Mixta. It’s a great shop with so many treasures from clothing and jewelry to small goods. I also like Kingsley Market for beautiful leather goods made in Mexico.  

My favorite shop, Mixta

What do you wish you’d done, but didn’t get to?

Nothing! I feel like I’ve done it all there. The day before my wedding in San Miguel a huge group of us rented ATV’s and travelled in a bike gang around town. It was epic. The thermal baths are also a favorite. They’re close, co-ed and fun for the whole family. La Gruta is our favorite. You can have drinks and lunch in little pocketed shady spots along the pools.

Riding an ATV like true locals with my husband Daniel