It’s #hotelhumpday again and today we’re bringing you to Portugal with Dana Chieco, @dc_nla whose been traveling around Europe on an epic Travbatical. She says, “I loved staying at Tres Maria. It’s beautifully designed and rustic yet refined and in the middle of no where, in the best possible way. The breakfasts and optional dinners were wonderful and I enjoyed speaking with the other travelers. At night, you can see the stars so clearly and experience silence. There’s also a very nice new pool. I wish I could have stayed longer! I preferred a room that was a short walk from the main building, because it was more secluded and had preferable views for me than the suites with two floors attached to the main building. Also, within 15 minutes there are beautiful and rustic beaches and coves.” #portugal #tresmaria #rustic #designhotel #nature #traveldeeper #pool #ravereviews #atlanticocean #raveabouttravel

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