Happy International Women’s day! Today we are regramming a post from one of our heroes, Sara Blakely, @sarablakely, Founder of Spanx, duh! 😉 She says, “When you are scared you are breaking new bounds, growing, and ultimately gathering new life experiences that will help others, or at least make you more interesting at a cocktail party. So go ahead do things that scare you. I use it as a compass for how I’m living my life. I will notice if I haven’t been scared for a few weeks and think … it’s time to mix it up. Let it be your compass for growth, stepping outside your comfort zone and overall living an exciting life. After all… this is not a dress rehearsal.” Thank you Sara for inspiring us to build our dream, even if it’s scary at times. #courage #internationalwomensday #sarablakely #legend #inspired #womensupportingwomen #ladyboss #skiyoulater #montana #motivationalmug #ski #snow #onlyravereviews

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