Here’s our friend, the fab artist Caris Reid, @carisr on a pilgrimage to #salvationmountain, a 90 minute drive from #palmsprings #california. Since it’s Sunday, let’s get holy, 🙏🏻with messages of love from GOD by Leonard Knight. Salvation mountain was created by Leonard Knight after his hot air balloon failed in this bleak patch of desert near the Salton Sea. God, Knight knew, wanted him to continue spreading his message of love in this hostile environment. Built with old hay bales, paint, window putty, adobe and anything else its creator could get his hands on, Salvation Mountain was crafted while Knight lived out of a truck without electricity or water at its base. The mountain currently standing is really the second one built on the site. After about four years of work, Knight’s first mountain, built with a giant pile of sand as its base, collapsed in a dirty heap of trash. #leonardknight #salvationmountain #travel #artists #outsiderart #love #traveldeeper #artiseverywhere #loveisuniversal #womenwhotravel #publicart #messagesfrombeyond #onlyravereviews

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