No ifs ands or butts about it, Martinique is dreamy. ☺️ Our friend photographer Susanna Howe, @susannabanana, was recently in the Caribbean islands in #Martinique. It’s an overseas region of France, with French and West Indian influences. Susanna says, “Thank you for the swims and the lizards and something called punch coco and the sun. And the sand. And Didier sparkling water. And the bread products. So many white flour products. Also delicious greens. Oh and ice cream. Really good. Martinique it turns out really does not suck. Also thanks for not being up tight about nudity. And thank you French women for not being so pushed up and perfect. And thank you old men for looking great in speedos.” #jetaime #caribbean #travelinspiration #travelwithkids #wanderlust #saintannemartinique #familytravel #cuteness #treehugger #onlyravereviews

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