Our friend Sara Lieberman, @saraglieberman, travel journalist and American expat living in Paris loves a good prix-fix lunch. I mean who doesn’t!? She says, “The deal @robert.restaurant is no exception. While it skews a tad higher than those I frequent on the reg (like Café du Coin or Les Pères Populaires), when you consider the quality of the food, not to mention the portion sizes, you can’t beat the €25 formule for entrée, plat and dessert. My friends recently treated me to a belated birthday meal here and each dish blew me away, starting with this super fresh crab, apple and Daikon radish salad. For my main, I wanted to be rolled home so I chose a hearty homemade pasta in a sausage ragu and then followed it with a white chocolate ganache served with cookie crumbles and citrus wedges. While I was sad to see Brit chef Peter Orr hang up his apron at my regular spot Martin, what he’s doing here at Robert is top-notch.” #expatlife #paris #jetaime #parisfood #prixfixe #lunch #delicious #willtravelforfood #foodie #foodgram #robertrestaurant #france #vivalafrance #travel #wanderlust #onlyravereviews

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