Summer is not over! Our friend Dana Chieco, @dc_nla, is currently in #Corsica. She says, “I checked out a few local beaches, and this is my favorite spot so far. It’s a 20-minute beautiful hike down from the road to the cove with crystal clear water. When you arrive, people are hanging out on boats, relaxing, swimming, sunbathing. Maybe about 10-35 people late afternoon (including those sans clothes, which makes it tough to get daytime pics). I’m finding that the sight of a bunch of cars parked on the side of the road tends to indicate there’s a good beach somewhere down the mountain — but it’s not always easy to find the trail (or park!).” September and June are the best times to visit because the temperatures are warm enough for the beach but cool enough for walking and hiking. #France #mediterraneansea #island #travel #corsedusud #beach #heaven #goopgo #womenwhotravel #wanderlust #raveabouttravel #onlyravereviews

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