Shout out to our friend, artist Minka Sicklinger, @minkasicklinger, for attempting the Ultra Marathon and accomplishing an amazing 70 miles!! She says, “I was doing a 100 mile Ultra marathon through antelope canyon. I wish I had a finish line photo but instead here is the beginning of an extremely picturesque and grueling adventure… unfortunately I had to drop out at 70miles due to such excruciating pain in my IT bands (40miles of soft deep desert sand didn’t help) I couldn’t move fast enough through the pain to have any hope of finishing in 30hours… next time 😉 & there will be a next time.” 💪🏼💪🏼You can learn more about this race on // #inspiration #adventure #adventuretravel #marathon #antelopecanyon #strongwomen #vacationraces #travel #onlyravereviews

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