Our friend Taina Guedes, @tataisgram, artist, activist, chef and artistic director and CEO of @foodartweek just got back from Mexico City where she executed another fab Food Art Week! Here she is at the Frida Kahlo Museum. She says, “Thanks to my dear friend @bia.goll, I stopped working during Food Art Week Mexico City to get around a bit. Bia convinced me that we should go to Frida‘s house. And as it is usual by „cronopios“ we almost missed the chance to do so, so late we were, because minutes ago we were so much enjoying our time somewhere else but as it is also commom to „cronopios“ very kind people helped us, and we managed entering Frida and Diego’s house. (I distributed many hugs this day). Despite the inevitably blue, I was very much on my thoughts about Frida and love. I must admit, I have controversial feelings regarding Diego. How do you guys feel about? 😳😳😳
„How could he???“ – must be the most made question of visitors from all over the world. Or maybe „How could she love him that much???“ After making many thoughts, I left Frida‘s house with an answer for me. I think, from all what Frida brough to this world, within her story and her art, the biggest thing for me, was this. She had so much love inside her that she could expose her own suffering, that part of it could go away, and still it would stay a lot of it inside her.
Frida is an inspiration for many of us. Her strenghts, her fight, her talent. All about Frida moves and put tears on our eyes. There is one thing I like about Diego. He wrote beautiful things for and about Frida, this one fits good here: „And Frida is a sole example in art history of someone who has torn open her breast and her heart in order to tell the biological truth of what she feels inside them.“ Thank you Frida.
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