Our friend Louise Hollander, @louisehollander, Co-Founder of @loviaveclovi, delicious homemade muffins, cookies and brownies, is based in #Hendaye, #France. These photos are from a stunning hike directly behind Hendaye in Irun, called the Three Crowns. She says, “They are an awesome place to hike up and get the most breathtaking views. You get wooded area paths where you can roam around and then there’s a cool little trail that brings you to the top and then you just take it in! You drive up and stop wherever to start walking, we drove up a bit to a main parking lot near a huge antenna. At the base of the mountain on the road up there’s a Cider house to chill after a great hike called Ola as well! The last photo is Viv walking down into a nook around the rocks where they set up a water source from the natural water running through the mountain, there was a faucet set up and a metal cup tide to the rocks with a sign in Basque saying don’t steal the cup and to serve yourself.” #nature #hiking #irunspain #traveldeeper #travel #basquecountry #wanderlust #viewsfordays #getbacktonature #serveyourself #girlboss #entrepreneur #onlyravereviews

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