Our friend and advisor Gisela Williams, @giselaatlarge, just got back from #assignment in #Bali. She says, “Bali has always been fertile ground for hotel design. On this small island you can find some of the worlds’ most influential and seminal properties such as the Amandari and the Begawan Giri (now the Como Shambhala Estate) so needless to say the competition is tough. This visit I checked out two new-ish ones: the Capella Ubud, designed by @billbensley ; and @bambuindah which was conceived by Cynthia and John Hardy along with the help of John’s daughter Elora. In some ways the properties are very different but both have been designed with exceptional imagination and ingenious creativity, as well as an almost reverent respect for the surrounding landscape.” The last image was taken by the river at @bambuindah of “a dream-like floating pod which can glide across the river like a magic carpet. In the making of the Capella Ubud Bill Bensley and his team did not cut down one tree. There are suspension bridges, like something out of Indiana Jones, at both hotels. But best of all both have mesmerizing views of emerald green rice terraces which for me is one of the major reasons to come to Bali in the first place.” #travel #traveljournal #travelwriter #adventure #explore #wanderlust #bucketlist #hoteldesign #eco #retreat #sustainable #nature #beauty #indonesia #islandlife #onlyravereviews

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