Out friend Dana Chieco, @dc_nla is on a travel sabbatical and it’s been awesome following her journey through #Greece. She says, “At the southern tip of Santorini you can see the ruins of one of the Bronze age’s most sophisticated settlements, which prospered for centuries (~3600 – 1200 BC) before a great volcanic eruption covered the island. Some think it may have been the inspiration for Plato’s Atlantis. Akrotiri was incredibly sophisticated for its time — the buildings were multi-storeyed and faced with masonry, and the elaborate drainage system was highly evolved. The town’s architecture and gorgeous frescoes indicate a highly cultured settlement. Unlike Pompeii, no human remains have been found, and only one gold object was found, suggesting that the Minoans evacuated before the eruption, and had time to take their valuables.” #santorini #akrotiri #frescoes #greece #bronzeage #papyrusfresco #bluemonkeyfresco #houseoftheladies #wanderlust #traveldeeper #artiseverywhere #raveabouttravel #onlyravereviews

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