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Our mission is to create a platform where experience broadens our community’s perspective as much as it increases empathy and compassion for our shared world.

Meet our founders

Their diverse backgrounds, Stephanie's in culture, events, production, and brand partnerships, and Piet's in technology, creative direction, development, and tech startups, make them uniquely qualified to build Rave together.

  • Stephanie von Behr


    Vision, Brand, and Community Lead

  • Piet Terheyden


    Tech and Design Lead

Our Story

In early 2018, Co-Founder Stephanie von Behr needed a time-out.

She’d just quit her job as head of events and brand partnerships for an international online magazine and wanted to truly feel the freedom she’d just given herself.

How else to do that, thought then-38-year-old American expat, now living in Berlin with her four-year-old daughter and German husband, than travel?

With much of Europe at her fingertips, she felt overwhelmed by where to go. Almost blindly, she decided on Copenhagen, but from there was stumped and didn’t feel like Googling the Scandinavian city only to find basic, bland guides from people she didn’t trust.

So, like most of us do when planning a trip these days, she then reached out to her network for help with the itinerary.

In minutes, she received heaps of recommendations: a text message telling her to “walk around Nyhavn and take a stroll in Tivoli”; a Facebook comment reminding her “not to miss Hija de Sanchez taqueria”; an email listing 11 restaurants, six museums, 10 shops and three morning bun cafés; and a Google Map with plotted reference points for top-notch neighborhoods, bars and shops to check out.

Why can’t all this data be in one place?
She wondered.

Now it is. Welcome to Rave.

Remember those beat-grooving, light-flashing, underground parties from the ‘90s that were full of possibility and wonder and otherworldliness?

Remember how you wanted to tell everyone about them, but also sort of wanted to keep them to yourself? Remember how you felt so free exploring their wacky and wild unknown locations?.

(What’s that? You don’t because they either weren’t your jam, you weren’t sober or you weren’t born yet? Doesn’t matter. Keep reading. You’ll get where we’re going with this.)

They’ve gone digital…in theory, at least. This Rave is map-friendly, legal and way easier to find without a flyer.

With the help of Piet Terheyden, a former colleague and digital designer, front-end developer and technical consultant from Cologne, Stephanie—who, yes, once upon a time attended all-night dance parties in abandoned supermarkets—set out to launch an app that allows users to share travel tips with the people they trust via visual collections and custom maps.

Her friends were full of insightful information, but now her newsfeed and inbox were a mess.

Together, the pair hopes to save travelers time by providing them with quick itineraries using photos and GPS, allowing them to get out on the biggest, flashiest dance-floor there is (hot tip: our globe!) and discover it with abandon—but without the frustrations that often come with planning an adventure in today’s oversaturated social media world.

Rave allows you to tap into your most reliable movers and shakers for an easy, foolproof way of visiting the places everyone is raving about.

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